Doing Good
     While Doing Well

Responsible and Social Investing in both Technology and Assets that 

Solve REAL problems

Make REAL impacts

& Generate REAL returns

Our focus

Property Management

Technology & AI

Investing in property and

home management

technology that addresses

the need of everyday

homeowner or renter – where

it counts



Affordable Housing

There is a shortage of over 7

Million affordable homes. We

prove that you can do good

while still achieving

significant returns.



Incubating Community


We Invest in innovative

technology and companies

that aim to serve big problems

for the average person.

Property Management Technology & AI

Putting TRUST back into property management

Property management affects almost everyone in some way.

Every renter, every rental owner, and every homeowner with an HOA.

We are investing and incubating new tech to put the trust and
efficiency back into the industry – and in your home.

Come learn about the forefront of AI meets the human touch.

Affordable Housing

Affordable shortage of homes exceeds 7 Million

We can break the myth that affordable housing is either risky or lacks
profitability. We have numerous projects that show +20% returns
while providing an essential service to those in need.

We actively seek out new homes to purchase & work with existing
landlords to improve, renovate, and profitably rent homes to
those in need.

Incubating Community Technology

New ideas to solve old problems

With home affordability nearing an all-time low, the average American
is also the greatest potential customer for products, services, and
technology that serves people where they need it most –
their homes
& their communities.

We are always accepting presentations and proposals for
investments if your idea or technology serves a basic need.


Doing Good While Doing Well

Join us on our journey to drive real impacts to those

who need it most, while generating exciting returns.

We’ve been helping companies express themselves
digitally for more than 20 years.

We are where you are.

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